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Fertility and Reflexology

An article exploring how Reflexology and Nutrition can help with fertility issues.


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Body Treatments

Massage has an age-old tradition, and at the Gatehouse, we believe therapeutic touch is still, not so much a mere luxury, but fundamental to your ability to re-connect with an inate sense of wellbeing.


So time to relax.  You are in good hands.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the ultimate massage experience.  All our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced, engaging in regular CPD to ensure they are up to date with current practices.  They strive for excellence, yet abide by good practice in understanding limitations regarding your health issues.  


Where oils are used, these will be high quality organic and ethically sourced (we usually stock from a range of Neals Yard Remedies products).  


We operate a ‘free to roam’ policy at Gatehouse Complementary Health, meaning you are free to swop therapists or try new therapies. 



Based on the client’s consultation, a unique blend of essential oils are blended to treat the client to a wonderfully soothing and relaxing full body massage.

£48.00 (1 hour)


SHIATSU - A traditional hands-on Japanese healing art, Shiatsu can help in a wide range of conditions from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. This Movement Shiatsu  is given with the client relaxing on a low mattress, using no oils, as the body is gently manipulated.

£50.00 (1 hour)


THAI YOGA MASSAGE - A wonderfully dynamic massage - incorporating muscle compression, acupressure, joint mobilisation and yoga-like stretches. The massage uses no oils, with the client relaxing on a low mattress whilst the client is gently manipulated.

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